There are bags that are used as a means of carrying all sorts of important and useful items, and then there are It pieces – classy, expensive and manufactured with great care. The finest, highly sensitive leather, exotic leathers such as snake, ostrich or crocodile skin, or all of these used in embossing and printing on leather and synthetic materials: the sewing threads used have to bring everything together durably and in a way that is visually attractive. Decorative seams are accented with braided threads; welts and piping are attached and metallic fastenings are applied reliably, not just in black or brown, but in all the colours of the rainbow. AMANN sewing and embroidery threads live up to these wide-ranging performance requirements.




AMANN sewing thread recommendation.

As a universal sewing thread recommendation for leather bags we recommend Serafil in a selection of tickets matched to the seam position and the material. 

Depending on the individual demands in use and the sewing conditions, it might be worthwhile selecting other qualities from the AMANN range:

  • ONYX in the corresponding range of tickets
  • ISACORD and ISAMET for decorative embroidery



Standard seam plan for leather bags

seam type seam appearance stitch type needle thread bobbin or looper thread needle
size in Nm
      article ticket no. tex no. article ticket no. tex no.  
closing seams 301
Serafil 30 90 Serafil 30 90 100 - 130
topstitch seams 301
Serafil 20 135 Serafil 20 135 120 - 140
lining seams 301
sabac 120 24 sabac 120 24 70 - 80

Our service to you:

Sewing thread recommendations for your specific material and sewing parameters and thread requirement calculations are available on request from AMANN's Technical Sewing Service.

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