ARCHE "IntensivKinder" in Kusterdingen

ARCHE houses children, who require artificial respiration due to severe diseases. Due to their requirement for intensive medical care, they cannot live with their own families. To those children, ARCHE offers a home, and the parents have the guarantee that their children are in good hands. ARCHE IntensivKinder was founded by Christiane Miarka-Mauthe and Sabine Vaihinger. In 2014, Hanns A. Pielenz Foundation already supported the equipment of the new ARCHE building with 200,000 €.

Now, once again, AMANN supported ARCHE with 35,000 €. With this charitable donation, ARCHE can now purchase a portable sonography unit, which was desired since a long time. The portable sonography unit spares the children many drives to the hospital. Moreover, it enables having high-quality medical care in a cozy, child-oriented environment that almost feels like home. The donation amount will also be used for the equipment of the new nurseries/child’s rooms.

In 2015, Annette Widmann-Mauz (Member of the Bundestag) took over the sponsorship for “Förderverein ARCHE Noah”. The ambassadors of ARCHE are: actor Richy Müller, World Champion illusionist Julius Frack, wrestling champion (Greek-Roman style) Frank Stäbler, Boxing Champion Firat Arslan, as well as Hanna Herrlich and her band.

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