ARCHE "IntensivKinder" in Kusterdingen

ARCHE “IntensivKinder“ offers intensive care and a home for children on permanent respiratory assistance in Kusterdingen (near Tuebingen). The Hanns A. Pielenz Foundation supports mainly the project “A classroom for Robin”.

Robin is a curious 4-year old boy who conquers the world through a multitude of questions constantly challenging his environment. Robin suffers since his birth from a severe muscular disease and is on permanent respiratory assistance. He can only move the pinky little finger of his left hand but instead the small, alert boy talks a lot and asks the hospital staff many questions. Soon Robin will be a schoolkid but there is no appropriate school for children on permanent ventilation in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Children like Robin need specially equipped classrooms including special teaching materials and experienced teachers as well as a nurse in the background in case of a medical emergency. Robin and the three other kids that reach school age in 2016 urgently need a building with housing and teaching space. The support of the Hanns A. Pielenz Foundation is an important element in the realisation of this construction project.

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