University hospital Heidelberg, research promotion oncology:

The focus of attention is on the project „Analysis of bioactive dietary ingredients on Let-7 microRNA in order to eliminate tumor stem cells”. The funds of the Hanns A. Pielenz Foundation not only helped the successful completion of the project but also contributed to a faster and successful handling of further projects.

During the funded research it became clear that inflammation has a great impact on the formation of cancer and its proceed. However, it is possible to influence inflammation through dietary and lifestyle positively – the ongoing experiments of the university hospital Heidelberg show that even the notorious, reasonably priced medication Aspirin, which is likewise very anti-inflammatory, is able to inhibit tumor growth. These research data are not very lucrative for the pharmaceutical industry, because dietary and lifestyle or Aspirin are not patentable. Therefore, it is very difficult to receive funds for this type of research and the support of the Hanns A. Pielenz Foundation was a great help for the university hospital Heidelberg.

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