AMANN participates in Greenpeace Detox campaign

With its campaign “Detox Our Future”, the environmental organisation Greenpeace has initiated a worldwide detoxification programme. Thus, an expanded criteria catalogue according to Appendix 6 has been developed for the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification. In comparison to the currently used testing catalogue according to Appendix 4, Appendix 6 tightens the limit values for many substances, especially for the so-called “Detox Substances Groups”. So far, the certification according to Appendix 6 is not mandatory.

AMANN is the first sewing and embroidery thread producer worldwide, who adopts the detox commitments of Greenpeace and will certify all products according to Appendix 6. As we would like to provide the certificates to our customers as soon as possible, all of our certificates are currently in the process of getting re-certified. The newly issued certificate (96.0.8810) for the techX range, as well as for the polyamide-based products ONYX, STRONGFIL, Serabraid, Rasant-Oxella, ISAMET, META, and further articles, is already available and can be downloaded here. The remaining certificates will follow shortly.


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