Processing tests -


standardised and recognised.

Identifying problems means avoiding difficulties. In AMANN’s technical sewing centres sewing tests can be carried out on customer material. AMANN has developed a standardised processing test for textiles prior to production to ensure comparability between test results: the AMANN sewing pass.

Fabrics that are difficult to sew – from paper touch fabric or ultrafine chiffon to the finest knitted fabrics to heavily coated technical materials – place high demands on your sewing skills. The AMANN sewing pass has been developed to identify and resolve sewing problems before the start of production. The aim is to identify major sewing problems (such as seam puckering, slip stitches,fabric damage, etc.) in advance and take systematic measures. This service is available to both, fabric producers developing new materials and manufacturers creating samples.

Further information on the AMANN sewing pass is available here.


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