Texprocess/Techtextil 2017 review - AMANN amidst the textile (r)evolution

From 9th to 12th May, the leading trade fairs of the textile industry Texprocess and Techtextil were conducted at Messe Frankfurt (Frankfurt exhibition center). In total, there were 1.789 exhibitors (2015: 1.662) who introduced themselves and presented their products to 47.500 visitors (2015: 41.826) from 114 countries. AMANN was present at both the exhibitions this year again and can also confirm an enormous rush of visitors.

Both fairs were defined by change and diversification. While in the past, many visitors came up to the AMANN booths with concrete ideas or questions, this year, there was noticeable change in the behaviour of the visitors: many of them came without having concrete questions, however with the wish to conduct trend scouting, or to simply get an overview of the numerous innovations and new possibilities of the textile industry.

At Techtextil, the technical experts of AMANN Innovation Lab explained, how they can help customers in finding innovative and individual solutions in the fields of conductive, sensory, composites and indicate. The deep interest in the services of AMANN Innovation Lab showed that there is a rethinking process taking place within the industry. Moreover, it highlighted the need to not only follow the textile (r)evolution, but to actively shape it.

The AMANN booth at Texprocess showed the range of all diverse application fields that sewing thread producers are dealing with nowadays. Some exhibits, such as the running outfit sewn with sabaFLEX, still address the classic apparel industry, however feature distinct product advantages. This, in the case of sabaFLEX, is maximum elasticity for all seams, in order to avoid seams from breaking, for example in sportswear.  

The topic of sustainability was represented by AMANNs new WRe-finish. Through a so-called “hollow test”, it was shown that a WR-finish for sewing threads is essential to achieve dry seams. So far, WR-finishes generally contained the chemical component PFC (perfluorocarbons) which is toxic and not biodegradable. With its new WRe-finish, AMANN has consequently launched a PFC-free version, which is now more eco-friendly, but equally water-repellent.

Moreover, AMANN presented the first successful implementations of the AMANN Innovation Lab in the sensory field: A seemingly normal bureau chair that actually contains a special sensor matrix technique making it the “intelligent office chair”. The sensor matrix was processed with the special conductive sewing thread Silver-tech and can indicate the pressure distribution on the chair, thus, helping to prevent the common problem of sitting with the wrong posture.

For the composites field, AMANN exhibited a special wakeboard. The pattern of the wakeboard was embroidered with ISAMET, the metallic embroidery thread, subsequently covered with a layer of resin. Therefore, the board is extremely light and robust at the same time. The wakeboard also attracted a lot of attention of other industries, such as the automotive industry, as it shows how materials that are ultralight and robust at the same time can be combined with revolutionary, unique designs.

AMANN Group‘s appearance at Texprocess/Techtextil showed what the textile industry has become: an extremely dynamic and changing industry with a huge spectra of ideas and possibilities. It will be exciting to see how the industry will develop in the coming years. What is already clear, however, is that AMANN will drive forth this change as a leading force with know-how and ingenuity.  

Impressions of Texprocess 2017

Impressions of Techtextil 2017


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