Cotton spun, mercerised

  • the classic sewing thread for Garment Dyeing
  • made from long-staple mercerised cotton
  • optimal dyeing properties
  • ideal sewing performance
Ticket no.Embroidery threadTex no. Make-up Number of coloursNeedle size (in Nm)Needle size (in No.)
18 - 1052500 m Co 1 120-130 19-21
24 - 805000 m Co 1 110-130 18-21
30 15 605000 m Co 1 100-120 16-19
40 30 405000 m Co 1 80-100 12-16
50 35 355000 m Co 1 70-80 10-12
60 40 305000 m Co 1 65-70 9-10

Available colours: 3000 = bleached


  • Co

  • FS/KS

  • XW

  • SSP

Main application:

  • Garment dyeing

Other applications:

MercifilGD is a mercerised cotton spun. With this type of sewing thread the single yarns consist of short, cut staple fibres, twisted together to form a thread. The surface of spun threads is very smooth. In case of cut staple spuns, the filaments are cut to a uniform length (approx. 40 mm, e.g. based on the model of high-quality cotton). The cutting of the fibres results in smooth and equally thick fibre endings. The spun thread obtains a textile look.

MercifilGD is the classic sewing thread for Garment Dyeing. It is made from long-staple mercerised cotton and bleached. Moreover, MercifilGD offers optimal dyeing properties and features ideal sewing performance at the same time.

MercifilGD is certified in accordance with 17.0.28909, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

MercifilGD is a classic garment dyeing sewing thread. However, it is also used for embroidery.