Braided structure with integrated electrodes

  • textile sensor for detection of liquids, e. g. water, sweat, urine
  • fast response of the sensor
  • drying time is greatly affected by the environment and the type of the liquid
  • suitable for continuous monitoring
  • usable over multiple wetting cycles
  • durable under a wide range of environment conditions
  • protection by braided sheath
  • good mechanical behavior, e. g. bending, load and elongation


  • good thermal stability between – 25°C and 100°C and up to 85 % RH
  • production length, max. 250 m
  • maximum sensor length depends on application, approx. 50 m are recommended
  • threshold of detection at 0.2 μl
  • can be laid with a bending radius of 2.5 mm and over a large surface
  • only for alternating current (AC) power source operation
  • voltage range: 5 V (effective value)
  • ampere range: 0.01 A (effective value)


  • MEDICAL ENGINEERING: Monitoring of patient‘s beds (incontinence, sweating) in hospitals and care facilities
  • TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS: Logistics of moisture-sensitive goods
  • MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Detection of condensation water in machines and vehicles
  • STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING: Monitoring of drying processes in construction and moulding
  • AREA MONITORING & SAFETY: Monitoring of undesired humidity in masonry as well as detection of pipe bursts
  • AGRICULTURE: Monitoring and indication for artificial watering