Polyester continuous filament, braided

  • the braided thread for individual decorative effects
  • for closing and topstitch seams
  • decorative, impressive, effective
  • waxed version available for hand sewing
Ticket no. Finish Tex no. Make-up Number of colours Needle size (in Nm) Needle size (in No.)
800 T60 T60 380 700 m SSP 30 200 25
800 T90 T90 450 700 m XW 30 - -
1000 T60 T60 500 500 m SSP 48 260 28
1000 T90 T90 600 500 m XW 48 - -
1200 T60 T60 750 500 m SSP 48 300 29
1200 T90 T90 890 500 m XW 48 - -
1400 T60 T60 1.030 300 m SSP 30 - -
1400 T90 T90 1.200 300 m XW 30 - -

Eco-friendly and water-repellent: the Serabraid range is complemented by WRe, AMANN's new water- repellent, PFC-free finish. Available on request.

T60 = standard ; T90 = waxed for hand sewing


  • Co

  • FS/KS

  • XW

  • SSP

Main application:

  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Suitcases

Other applications:

Serabraid is a sewing thread made from braided polyester continuous filament. Braiding yarns refers to the process where the yarns are braided on a horizontal level. With 12 respectively 16 clappers, 6 respectively 8 rotate in the clockwise direction around a common axis, and 6 respectively 8 rotate against the clockwise direction. The clappers follow a wavy pattern since they have to go round each other. The braided yarn created in this process is wound on a so-called tambour. As the yarn has a hollow, tubular form with no twist, it has to be wound by a rolling method. The overhead feed method usually used for standard sewing threads would rotate the braided yarn and therefore results in a poor seam appearance. This is why the braided yarn is unwound over the whole process chain up to the sewing machine.

Impressive & effective - Serabraid is the impressive and effective braided thread for individual decorative effects. The braided sewing yarn is suitable for closing and topstitch seams. Further, the Serabraid sewing yarn is also available as a waxed version for hand sewing.

Eco-friendly & water-repellent: the Serabraid range is complemented by WRe, AMANN’s new water-repellent, PFC-free finish, which is available on request. Besides, Serabraid is certified according to 96.0.8810 STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Serabraid, the braided yarn is commonly used as sewing thread for shoes, bags and suitcases. In addition, it can be used in the automotive sector as well as for home interior.