AMANN Innovation Lab: thinking solutions!

The AMANN Innovation Lab is the innovation pool at AMANN. Our textile think tank develops intelligent products,
individual solutions and innovative concepts for textile-related issues – not only for sewing and embroidery threads but also for the textile surface.
Whether polymer chemistry, mechanical engineering, textile, finishing or process engineering: the AMANN Innovation Lab brings the threads of
all these disciplines together. The focus of our experts’ interdisciplinary cooperation is on the fields of the future: Conductive, Sensory, Composite

Products developed by the AMANN Innovation Lab:

Research and innovation are an integral part of our processes. In close cooperation with our customers, our interdisciplinary team develops
solutions ranging from special Smart Yarns for technical textiles to individual product designs for the automotive sector. As the interface between
market and customer, we translate your requirements and ideas into textile concepts.

Intelligently embroidered and smartly sewn: AMANN yarns for smart textiles

At a time when technology is becoming increasingly important in our lives, AMANN develops intelligent yarns that precisely fit the application in question. The conductive and sensory fields in particular play a major role in our work in the Innovation Lab. Our innovative smart yarns are already used in a wide variety of industries today. 

Typical applications for conductive threads include 

  • Medical
  • Work clothing/Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Sportswear
  • Automotive

Sensor yarns are used in the following industries, among others:

  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Agriculture

Comphil is a finish specially developed by AMANN for fibre composite applications that offers optimum sewing performance. For further processes such as resin infusion and end applications, the threads are optimally adjusted to the composites matrix without adhesion-inhibiting properties.

Once the prototypes of our new and further developments have proven themselves in practical application, we transfer them into series production. In addition to market requirements, we always keep an eye on cost efficiency and pay attention to a high level of product and process performance.

Are you facing a new challenge or do you have a specific task? We are happy to support you with all questions to do with our smart yarns or with a specific project.
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