Polyester/silver coated polyamide hybrid thread

  • special sewing and embroidery thread with a silver coating
  • for conductive seams and surfaces
  • for seam positions that require antimicrobial characteristics
  • no cell damaging effect in the Cytotoxicity Test according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5
Ticket no.Embroidery threadTex no.Make-upNumber of coloursNeedle size (in Nm)Needle size (in No.)
120 40 282.500 m FS 1 75-90 11-14

Available colour no.: 1000 = raw, silver-grey due to the silver content. Due to the silver content and oxidation processes, the grey colour will get slightly darker over the time.


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  • Co

  • FS/KS

  • XW

  • SSP

Main application:

  • Conductive textiles

Other applications: