Polypropylene continuous filament

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Kích cỡ Số Tex Độ dài Số lượng màu Kích cỡ kim (theo chuẩn Nm) Kích cỡ kim số
40 85 3250 m FS 1 120-140 19-22

Loại lõi cuộn:

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  • FS/KS

  • XW

  • SSP

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PP-tech is a sewing thread made from polypropylene continuous filament.

PP-tech is a special sewing thread for the filter industry featuring high resistance to chemicals.

Polypropylene is a raw material featuring low density, good decay resistance and potential as electrical insulation.

In the field of filtration, PP-tech is commonly used as sewing thread for wet filtration, as well as sewing thread for solid-liquid filtration.