Polyester continuous filament, bonded

  • chỉ may bonded đặc biệt hiệu suất cao cho các ứng dụng ngoài trời
  • cực kỳ bền chắc
  • có khả năng chống xoắn, thích hợp để may nhiều hướng
  • khả năng chống tia cực tím vượt trội do thuốc nhuộm đặc biệt
  • đáp ứng các yếu tố chịu đựng thời tiết theo tiêu chuẩn ISO 4892-1 và ISO 4892-2
Kích cỡSố Tex Độ dài Số lượng màuKích cỡ kim (theo chuẩn Nm)Kích cỡ kim số
65001700 m FS 1 240-260 27-28
93501700 m FS 12 210-240 26-27
102701400 m FS 2 190-220 25-26
122401800 m FS 12 180-200 24-25
152102400 m FS 12 170-190 24-25
181502600 m FS 12 150-170 23-24
201351600 m FS 34 130-150 21-23
201353200 m FS theo yêu cầu 130-150 21-23
251053000 m FS 12 120-140 19-22
30902300 m FS 34 110-130 18-21
40704600 m FS 16 90-120 14-19
60455000 m FS 16 80-100 12-16

Loại lõi cuộn:

  • Co

  • FS/KS

  • XW

  • SSP

Ứng dụng chính:

  • Đồ sử dụng ngoài trời

Ứng dụng khác:

In consequence of extreme weather effects, outdoor textiles have to withstand maximum stress. The different climatic influences – UV rays, moisture, acid rain or airborne substances as well as ozone, nitrogen oxide or dirt – show that there is a need for products with technical characteristics that remain unchanged after many years of being exposed to these factors. To that end, AMANN has developed Serabond, a special sewing thread made from bonded polyester continuous filament.

Serabond is a high-performance bonded special sewing thread for outdoor applications. The outdoor sewing yarn is extremely durable and resistant to untwisting and therefore suited for multidirectional sewing. Due to its special dyestuffs, Serabond features an outstanding UV resistance.

Hohenstein Laboratories have confirmed that Serabond performs excellently in the weathering test according to ISO 4892-1 and ISO 4892-2.

Serabond is a special sewing thread for outdoor textiles. Among others it is used as sewing thread for sails, as sewing thread for tents, as sewing thread for awnings, as sewing threads for boat covers, or as sewing thread for tarpaulins. Moreover, the outdoor sewing thread is used for home interior textiles or outdoor home textiles respectively.