Emergency aid for people in Ukraine - HAP Foundation donates € 50,000

We all see the hardship in Ukraine right now, see people who have to leave their homes and make their way to Europe to find temporary shelter here in safety and peace. We all hope that the military actions will stop quickly, but we also know from other conflicts that things can develop quite differently.

The Hanns A. Pielenz Foundation is therefore supporting the work of the German foundation called Hoffnungsträger with a donation of EUR 50,000. The Hoffnungsträger Foundation has been operating numerous "houses of hope" for the integration of refugees for years. Through the foundation’s international activities, the foundation is also very well connected in Romania and Ukraine. Individual Hoffnungsträger employees used to work in Ukraine and speak fluent Ukrainian and Russian. They are the contact persons for the partners in the countries.

The partners of Hoffnungsträger Foundation in Romania and Ukraine decide with the local activists on which resources are most urgently needed at any given time. They have access to the necessary logistics or can organise them at short notice. For example, 1,000 blankets and 500 sleeping bags have already been transported to Ukraine. Last week Hoffnungsträger provided 50% of the funding for a transport of 169 children from an orphanage in Ukraine to Freiburg in Germany.

Beyond emergency aid, Hoffnungsträger also plans to take in and accompany refugees arriving in Germany.

Our deepest sympathy and solidarity go out to the many victims, their relatives and the people in Ukraine.

More information about the Hoffnungsträger Stiftung can be found here: https://hoffnungstraeger.de/