Polyester/polyester wrapped yarn

  • the effect thread for creative top stitching
  • for metallic accents on fashion and leather
  • decorative, impressive, effective
Ticket no. Tex no. Make-up Number of colours Needle size (in Nm) Needle size (in No.)
10 260 300 m FS 3 180 - 220 24-26
30 105 700 m FS 3 110-130 18-21

Available colour no.: 0496 = gold; 0511 = silver; 1145 = bronze


  • Co

  • FS/KS

  • XW

  • SSP

Main application:

  • Ladieswear, menswear
  • Denim
  • Leatherwear

Other applications:

Meta is a metallised polyester/polyester wrapped yarn. This is the classic construction type for metallic embroidery threads and sewing threads. A continuous filament core (polyester, polyamide) is wrapped with a band of metallic foil in order to create the characteristic shine.

Metallic sheen - Meta is the metallised effect thread for creative seams. It creates a decorative, metallic accent on leather and denim as well as on ladieswear and fashionable menswear.

Meta is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, 96.0.8810.

Alongside ladieswear and menswear, Meta is also used for denim and leatherwear. Besides, it is also utilised in the sector of shoes & accessories.