Varaverghiream India! AMANN Group establishes new production facility in South India

Varaverghiream means welcome in Tamil, the language spoken in the South of India. The 25th of April 2022 was a special day for AMANN India, as the groundbreaking ceremony for the new AMANN production facility in Ranipet, South India, took place on this day.

The ceremony was attended by the AMANN management and the entire AMANN India team. During the traditional ceremony, prayers were said for the five elements of the universe: sky, land, fire, water and air. With the groundbreaking ceremony - as a reference to the 9 planets of our solar system - 9 bricks, 9 types of flowers, 9 different seeds as well as 9 different precious metals and gemstones were placed in the future foundation. 

In addition to the German and European production facilities, the new plant in India will be AMANN's fourth production facility on Asian soil after the plants in China, Bangladesh and Vietnam.