Sustainable, state-of-the-art sewing thread production in Ranipet

AMANN India is part of the Germany-based international sewing thread producer AMANN Group. For more than 15 years, AMANN India has been offering high-quality sewing and embroidery threads for India’s thriving shoes and leather market. With its new sustainable, state-of-the-art production site in Ranipet/Tamil Nadu, AMANN India will set a milestone in the history of India’s market. This platform shall provide insights and regular updates on AMANN India’s prestigious endeavor.

AMANN India production profile:

Ranipet/Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

Sewing threads for all kind of applications

Production site space:
32,000 square meters

Production capacity:
initially 800 tons of thread per year

Amount of employees:
200 (with a targeted female-male ratio of 50:50)

Sustainability profile of the new plant:

  • By using Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), all extracted water remains in a closed cycle system. Only 9% of fresh water has to be replenished due to evaporation.
  • Energy demand is mostly covered by a comprehensive photovoltaic system, additional demand is supplied by a nearby wind and solar park.
  • The boiler for steam production – important for the dyeing process of the threads - operates with biomass.

Official opening of our new sustainable, state-of-the art production site

We have achieved a major milestone with the official opening of our first production plant in Ranipet/India on 18th of April 2024. It is our most sustainable production site equipped with state-of-the-art technology to protect the environment.

Peter Morgalla, Member of the AMANN Board of Management and Chairman of AMANN India:

“We are very proud to put this plant into operation today. We have closed the gap and are now able to offer our customers a comprehensive network of sales offices, delivery options and short lead times throughout Asia. Moreover, we will also provide Technical Advisory Services for our customers to exploit the full potential of our products.”


Starting of production and commercial operations

22 January 2024 marks a special milestone in the establishment of the AMANN India production facility.
On this day, production operations began, which was celebrated by the team who had worked hard to achieve this in the months before.

1,000,000 accident-free working hours celebration

On a large construction site, all work steps and work processes must be perfectly coordinated to ensure that the construction project progresses smoothly and without accidents. The construction team responsible for building the new AMANN India production site has now reached the special milestone of 1,000,000 accident-free working hours. This was celebrated at a ceremony on 10 November on the factory premises with the construction workers and project managers present. Congratulations to everyone involved.

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Incredible AMANN India production: when planning meets reality!

Check out our newest video with an aerial perspective taken by a drone.

Production equipped with Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

The AMANN India production site will be the first AMANN production site worldwide to utilise Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).

What is ZLD? ZLD is a water treatment process designed to remove all the liquid waste from a wastewater system. By using a ZLD, wastewater-free production is possible. The focus of this technology is on reducing economic wastewater and producing clean water that is suitable for reuse. By using this technology, 100% of the water used thus gets purified and remains in the cycle. Only 9% fresh water has to be replenished due to evaporation.

As water is indispensable for the production of our sewing threads, to us ZLD is the best method to minimise the use of fresh water.

Photovoltaic systems to cover entire production’s energy demand

We want to make use of the special climate conditions in South India, and transform sunlight into solar energy. To do so, our AMANN India production site will be equipped with an own roof-top solar system. In this model, the power generated from solar will be 100% utilised within the factory premises. As the energy demand of the entire production cannot solely be provided by AMANNs own roof-top solar system, there will be a hybrid model. This means that the rest of the required energy will be generated and provided by an off-site solar form.

Consequently, the energy demand of the entire AMANN India production site will be completely covered by solar energy.

Visit of German Consul General

On 31st of May 2023, AMANN India had the honor to be visited by the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Republic of India, Chennai, Ms. Michaela Küchler. Ms. Küchler visited the premises, helped planting trees and spoke to the entire on-ground team highlighting.

The new production site is taking shape

In early 2023, the new production site is taking shape. A workforce of around 380 workers takes care of the construction progress according to project schedule. Important milestones at this project state are the installation of the biomass steam boilers, the work on the ZLD infrastructure as well as the installation of the dyehouse and warehouse.

Groundbreaking Ceremony 2022

In April 2022, the journey of our new AMANN India production site began by laying the foundation stone with the official groundbreaking ceremony. The AMANN management board attended the ceremony, marking an important milestone for the entire AMANN Group.