AMANN donates threads to Maison Shalom in Rwanda

Maison Shalom in Rwanda is one of the largest refugee camps in Africa and mostly shelters refugees from Burundi, a bordering country. After Maison Shalom Burundi, it is already the second refugee camp that has been founded by Ms. Marguerite Barankitse, aid worker and human rights activist. Currently, approx. 60,000 people live in Maison Shalom Rwanda. The institution works hard to create perspectives with the help of employment.

At the moment, Maison Shalom Rwanda is expediting the setup of a textile industry. Just recently, the residents of Maison Shalom organized the world’s largest fashion show that was conducted in a refugee camp. AMANN supports this new textile orientation of Maison Shalom Rwanda by donating threads. The parcel with threads was personally received by Marguerite Barankitse in Berlin last week. Now, it is on its way to Rwanda. To us, the will power of Ms. Barankitse is as impressive as Maison Shalom and the optimism of its residents. Therefore, AMANN will further support Maison Shalom Rwanda and its director Marguerite Barankitse in the future.

The picture shows Ms. Barankitse receiving the AMANN threads in Berlin.

Learn more about Maison Shalom Rwanda: