AMANN@Techtextil India: touching the future of threads

From November 20 – 22, the 7th edition of Techtextil India was held at Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai, India. Techtextil India is India’s leading trade fair on technical textiles and nonwovens. The fair was very well attended.

The AMANN booth attracted with its highly innovative Touchboard, a device to present the topic of conductivity in a very lively way. Wherever switches and buttons made of plastic were used until now, embroidered touch switches made of the conductive thread Silver-tech will take over their function.

The textile switch, which is embroidered onto the lampshade, can readily replace toggle switches and dimmers. A single touch with the finger is all it takes to operate it. The textile switches not only represent a special design element, they are also easy to manufacture and more pleasant to touch. Another advantage is that the threads make a significant contribution to the sustainability of components and products, especially when it comes to avoiding the use of materials that are difficult to recycle, such as plastic and other synthetics.

The visitors at the AMANN booth were fascinated by this innovative technique and had plenty of fruitful conversations with the AMANN representatives on how AMANN is shaping the future of technical threads.

Certainly, the 7th edition of Techtextil India has been a great success for AMANN Group.