HAP Foundation donates to Habakuk day-care centre in Augsburg

The AMANN Group, which produces in Augsburg Göggingen, is part of the Hanns A. Pielenz Foundation, whose purpose includes supporting education and upbringing. Therefore, it was logical to the foundation to support the request of the Habakuk day-care centre in Göggingen and to make the redesign of a nature adventure garden possible through a donation. 

The Habakuk day care centre was opened in 1975 by the Dreifaltigkeitskirche Augsburg Göggingen, and in 2014 the old building was deconstructed and converted into a garden patch. In the course of constructing the new building, a new garden area was created. However, the old garden area was not renewed. As a result, some of the playground equipment is almost 50 years old. A renovation of this garden area is therefore urgently needed, and the organisation is dependent on donations.

The symbolic handing over of the cheque to the Habakuk day care centre took place on Tuesday, 5 October. Mr Daniel Oster, plant manager of the AMANN production facility in Augsburg Göggingen, presented the cheque to Ms Martina Marzinek, head of the Habakuk day care centre.