Polyamide 6.6 continuous filament, bonded

  • chỉ may bonded với độ bền chắc cao
  • cho đường may có độ bền tối đa
  • hiệu suất may tốt nhất, cũng dành cho may đa hướng
Kích cỡ Số Tex Độ dài Số lượng màu Kích cỡ kim (theo chuẩn Nm) Kích cỡ kim số
10 270 1500 m FS 12 200-250 25-27
13 210 2000 m FS 2 180-200 24-25
20 135 1500 m FS 76 140-160 22-23
30 90 2500 m FS 11 120-140 19-22
40 70 3500 m FS 95 110-130 18-21
60 45 5000 m FS 75 90-110 14-18
80 35 9000 m FS 2 80-100 12-16

Loại lõi cuộn:

  • Co

  • FS/KS

  • XW

  • SSP

Ứng dụng chính:

  • Giày
  • Túi xách
  • Vali
  • Thắt lưng và phụ kiện làm từ da

Ứng dụng khác:

Strongbond is a sewing thread made from bonded polyamide 6.6 continuous filament. The bonding process (also referred to as “gluing”) provides for a better cohesion of the thread's single yarn elements. The bonding substance gives the yarns a special superficial bonding, resulting in a better thread finish.

Strong, stronger, Strongbond! Strongbond is the robust bonded sewing thread by AMANN. This sewing yarn is especially suitable for heavy-duty seams. Strongbond guarantees best sewing performance, also for multidirectional sewing.

Bonded sewing threads are easily recognized. On the one hand, they feel stiffer than normal sewing threads due to their additional treatment (this is noticeable when the thread is drawn from the package). On the other hand, bonded threads are harder to untwist. The resistance is clearly noticeable, which is a consequence of the bonding effect.

In the field of shoes & accessories, Strongbond is mainly used for heavy-duty seams, for instance, as sewing thread for shoes, as sewing thread for bags, as sewing thread for suitcases, as well as sewing thread for belts and small leather goods. In addition, Strongbond is used in the automotive and techtex sector.